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GenGuard UL and Colony Term UL Update

In 2009, the Genworth Financial companies introduced several new products to the marketplace. In the second quarter, they launched the new GenGuardSM suite of guaranteed universal life insurance products, which includes GenGuard ULSM and GenGuardSM SUL. On November 16, they introduced an innovative new product to the marketplace: ColonySM Term UL.

Effective December 14, 2009, GenGuard UL will be available in both California and Nevada. GenGuard UL replaces our popular Lifetime FlexPlus® II product and is priced to be most competitive for death-benefit guarantees* lasting to age 105. GenGuard UL retains several features of Lifetime FlexPlus II, including the customer-friendly secondary guarantee administration and 1035 process. Learn more about GenGuard UL here.

Additionally, as of December 14, 2009, Colony Term UL NY is now available in New York. Colony Term UL NY is an affordable, flexible-premium adjustable universal life insurance product. As with term life insurance, it offers the ability to choose a pattern of planned premiums comparable to term life insurance premiums that can maintain the death benefit for a particular period while providing the flexibility of universal life insurance. Colony Term UL NY allows you to continue to serve the term marketplace with a product that is as attractively priced as - or better than - the Term series. Find out more about Colony Term UL NY .



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