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Insurance Brokerage America offers spreadsheet quotes from most of the top rated life insurance brokerage companies and pays general agent commissions! Are you a licensed agent wanting to earn general agent brokerage commissions from most of the top rated brokerage companies?  Learn More About This Brokerage Opportunity >>


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Our site map provides easy access to information on over 40 top rated life insurance companies that offer life insurance brokerage appointments.

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Llfe Insurance Brokerage in America from Top Rated Companies - Life Insurance Brokerage for licensed agents- instant quotes, apps, apptms- over 40 top rated companies- pays g.a.commissions 1-800-406-6303
About Insurance Brokerage America -
Advanced Underwriting Issues -
American General Life Companies -
AGLC-Term-rate-reduction-111709.pdf -
AIG-premium-finance-program-overview.pdf -
AIG-contract.pdf -
American General Critical Illness Plans -
American General Return Of Premium Term Life Insurance -
American General Simplified Issue Life Insurance -
American General Annuities -
American National -
American National Annuities -
American-National-contract.pdf -
New Page 1 -
annuitie-ref-guide.pdf -
Annuity Brokerage -
Assurity Life Insurance Company -
LTC-comparison-15-259.pdf -
LTC-highlights-15-184-3-22.pdf -
Assurity-contract.pdf -
Assurity Life Critical Illness Plans -
Assurity Life Disability -
Assurity Life Guaranteed Issue Plans -
Assurity Life Mortgage Plans -
Assurity Life Return Of Premium Term Life Insurance -
Assurity Life Simplified Issue Life Insurance -
Assurity Long Term Care -
Aviva -
Aviva-Advantage-Builde-II-Agent-Guide.pdf -
Aviva-LifeTime-Builder-IUL-Agent-Guide.pdf -
Aviva-Strength-Brochure.pdf -
Aviva-Term-Agent-Guide.pdf -
Aviva-Term-Exchange-Prospecting-letter.pdf -
Aviva-Term-Underwriting-Guide.pdf -
Aviva-Understanding-Indexed-UL.pdf -
Aviva-Wellness-for-Life-Brochure.pdf -
Aviva-contract.pdf -
AXA Equitable -
AXA-athena-charitable-giving-legacy-rider-brochure.pdf -
AXA-athena-generic-spec-policy-and-riders.pdf -
AXA-athena-survivorship-ul-agent-guide.pdf -
AXA-athena-ul-charitable-giving-client-brochure.pdf -
AXA-athena-ul-competition-brochure.pdf -
AXA-athena-ul-product-guide.pdf -
AXA-private-split-dollar-agent-brochure.pdf -
AXA-term-series-150-agent-product-guide.pdf -
axa-contract.pdf -
Banner-contract.pdf -
Banner Life -
Capital Needs Analysis Calculator -
Term Life Insurance Company Profiles -
Insurance Brokerage From Top Rated Companies -
Critical Illness Plans -
Insurance Brokerage Definition -
Disability Quotes -
Equitrust Annuities -
equitrust-annuity-showbook-10-18-07.pdf -
Equitrust-contract.pdf -
Estate Planning Needs -
ET-Income%20for%20Life.pdf -
F&G Old Mutual -
f&g-contract.pdf -
F&G Life Mortgage Plans -
F&G Life Return Of Premium Term Life Insurance -
fidelity-contract.pdf -
Fidelity Life -
Fidelity Life Impaired Risk Plans -
Fidelity Life Simplified Issue Life Insurance -
Fidelity Return Of Premium Term Life Insurance -
Foresters Life -
foresters.pdf -
foresters-contract.pdf -
Life Insurance Forms Demonstration -
fort-dearborn-contract.pdf -
Ft Dearborn Life Annuities -
General Agent Commissions -
2009-cost-of-care--affordability-listing.pdf -
cost-of-care-170-page-survey.pdf -
cost-of-care-maps.pdf -
genworth-client-ideas.pdf -
genworth-colony-term-ul.pdf -
genworth-genguard-guide.pdf -
genworth-product-comparision.pdf -
genworth-simplified-issue-life.pdf -
summary-of-findings.pdf -
Genworth-contract.pdf -
Genworth Financial -
Genworth Financial Long Term Care -
Genworth Financial Simplified Issue Life Insurance -
Genworth Return Of Premium Term Life Insurance -
Great American Annuities -
great-american-contract.pdf -
Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance -
HIPAA-Authorization-Blank.pdf -
Impaired Risk Plans -
Impaired Risk Alcohol Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Anxiety Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Blood Pressure Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Cancer History Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Cholesterol Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Crohn's Disease Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Depression Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Diabetes Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Heart Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Hepatitis C Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Melanoma Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Pilot Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Race Car Driving Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Scuba Diving Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Smoking Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Valve Replacement Questionnaire -
Impaired Risk Questionnaires -
Disability Insurance Brokerage -
Long Term Care Insurance Brokerage -
ing-contract.pdf -
ING-consumer-brochure.pdf -
ING-life-underwriting-guide.pdf -
ING-premium-financing.pdf -
ING-producers-guide.pdf -
ING-ROP-endowment-brochure.pdf -
ING-ROP-term-brochure.pdf -
ING-ROP-term-flyer.pdf -
ING-smart-term-flyer.pdf -
ING-Term-ROP-Product-Guide.pdf -
ING-Termsmart-Brochure-chinese.pdf -
ING-Termsmart-brochure-Korean.pdf -
ING-termsmart-spanish.pdf -
ING-underwriting-basics.pdf -
life-insurance-rate-card.pdf -
Life Insurance Company Appointment Forms -
Insurance Brokerage Frequently Asked Questions -
Life Insurance Company Forms And Applications -
Get Spreedsheet Quotes For Term Life Insuurance -
Insurance Tax Facts -
Insurance Terms And Definitions -
Insurance Tools -
Jefferson Pilot -
JH-Fact-Finder.pdf -
John Hancock -
john-hancock-contract.pdf -
John Hancock Long Term Care -
New Page 1 -
john-hancock-ny-contract.pdf -
John Hancock Simplified Issue -
lbl-contract.pdf -
Insurance Brokerage America Legel -
lfg-contract.pdf -
Liberty Bankers Life Annuities -
American National -
Lincoln Benefit Life -
LBL-legacy-choice-flyer.pdf -
LBL-legacy-secure-flyer.pdf -
LBL-product-directory.pdf -
LBL-trs-linked-annuity-guide.pdf -
LBL-true-term-flyer.pdf -
LBL-true-term-product-and-rate-guide.pdf -
LBL-underwriting-guide.pdf -
Lincoln Financial -
LIF-dolflex-brochure.pdf -
Long Term Care Quotes -
Mass Mutual -
Medical Information Bureau -
MetLife -
metlife-contract.pdf -
MetLife Disability -
moo-contract.pdf -
moo-term-life-express-product-guide.pdf -
moo-term-life-express-rate-guide.pdf -
Mortgage Life Insurance -
Mutual Of Omaha -
mutual-of-omaha-fully-underwritten-underwriting-guidelines.pdf -
mutual-of-omaha-general-underwriting-guidelines.pdf -
Mutual Of Omaha Simplified Issue Life Insurance -
mutual-of-omaha-term-life-express-brochure.pdf -
mutual-of-omaha-term-life-express-talking-points.pdf -
NA-annunity-contract.pdf -
NA-contract.pdf -
national-western-contract.pdf -
North American -
ADDvantage-Term-Consumer-Brochure.pdf -
Custom-Accumulator-III-Agent-Guide.pdf -
Custom-Accumulator-III-Consumer-Brochure.pdf -
Custom-Growth-CV-Agent-Guide.pdf -
Custom-Growth-CV-Consumer-Brochure.pdf -
Custom-Guarantee-Agent-Guide.pdf -
Custom-Guarantee-Consumer-Brochure.pdf -
Custom-Term-GUL-Agent-Guide.pdf -
Custom-Term-GUL-Consumer-Brochure.pdf -
Ohio National -
Penn Mutual -
Life Insurance Permanent Products Search Engine -
concord-ultra-plus-case-guide-version-2004-14-09.pdf -
life-insurance-premium-finance.pdf -
PFG-premium-finance-program.pdf -
Presidential Life -
Presidential-Life-contract.pdf -
Presidential Life Guaranteed Issue Plans -
Principal Life Insurance Company -
principal-contract.pdf -
Principal Disability -
Term Life Insurance Company Products Search Engine -
RBC-contract.pdf -
RBC - Liberty Life Insurance Company -
RBC - Liberty Life Insurance Company Agent Tools and Products -
Insurance Resources -
Return Of Premium Term Life Insurance -
sbli-contract.pdf -
sbli-needs.pdf -
Security Mutual -
Security-Mutual-contract.pdf -
Simplified Issue Products -
Insurance Brokerage America Site Map -
Standard Life Disability -
Sun Life Financial -
exec-ul-sun.pdf -
sun-life-at-a-glance.pdf -
sun-life-fact-sheet.pdf -
sun-life-financial-strength.pdf -
Sun-Life-Financial-contract.pdf -
Sun Life Video -
Symetra -
TA-2008-contract.pdf -
Life Insurance Brokerage -
TRA2-08-contract.pdf -
Transamerica -
trans-fam-champion-spec-sheet.pdf -
trans-fam-champion-term-agent-guide.pdf -
trans-fam-champion-term-client-brochure.pdf -
trans-fam-home-protector-spec-sheet-non-med-250k.pdf -
trans-fam-preferred-global-ul-agent-guide.pdf -
trans-fam-pref-global-consumer-brochure.pdf -
trans-fam-ultima-product-guide.pdf -
Transamerica Family Markets -
Trans-America-Family-Markets-contract.pdf -
Transamerica Family Markets Mortgage Plans -
Transamerica Return Of Premium Term Life Insurance -
Insurance Underwriting -
Term Life Insurance Underwriting Search Engine -
Union Central Life Insurance Company -
DI%201227%20Dinamic%20Foundation%20Client%20Highlights%2012-09.pdf -
DI1248%20-%20Summary%20of%20DInamic%20Foundation%20Policies%20FINAL%2012.18.09.pdf -
union-central-contract.pdf -
Union Central Disability -
United Home Life -
united-home-life-contract.pdf -
united-mutual-of-omaha-and-ny-life-contract.pdf -
United Of Omaha Critical Illness Plans -
United Of Omaha Long Term Care -
West-Coast-contract.pdf -
West Coast Life -
New Page 1 -
Western Reserve Life -
William Penn -
William-Penn-NY-contract.pdf -
WRL-contract.pdf -

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A Tale Of Two Agents

Captive Agent

An agent working exclusively for a single firm. He or she is obliged to submit business only to that firm, or at least give that firm first rights of refusal on the case.

Captive agents that are non-established are usually paid on a combination of salary and commissions earned from selling the policy contract. Also, the firm usually provides its captive agents with an allowance for office expenses as well as employee benefits such as pensions, life insurance, and health insurance. 

The established captive agent is usually paid exclusively on a commission basis.  This type of agent will tend to have more in-depth knowledge of that firm's policies, however, he or she will hardly ever be equipped to offer the industries' best price on any particular product offering.

Independent Agent Broker

Simply said, independent agents are appointed to sell policies from many insurers. The agent is independent from all insurers thus, the independent agent's responsibility is solely focused on evaluating the client's needs and the pricing of the product chosen.

While searching for the brokerage market's best place for a client's business, independent agents pay all their own expenses and keep their own records and earn their income from brokerage commissions on the policies they sell.



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