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Term Life
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Term Life Express 15, 20, 30                    plan highlights

Five-year guarantee
The premium is guaranteed for the first five policy years.

• 20-year term             • 30-year term

Full guarantee
The premium is guaranteed for the entire term.

• 15-year term   • 20-year term*  • 30-year term*
Optional benefits include partial return of premium (ROP).

Issue ages based on age last birthday
Maximum issue ages may vary by state, product and risk class.

Term Guarantee Without
With ROP
With ROP
15-Year Full 18-65 N/A N/A
20-Year 5-year 18-65 N/A N/A
20-Year Full 18-60 18-50 18-50
30-Year 5-year 18-65 N/A N/A
30-Year Full 18-50 18-50 18-50

Face amounts  $50,000 - $400,000

Risk classes  Standard non-tobacco  Standard tobacco

Simplified underwriting (standard through table 4)

Premium modes
Annual (1.00) Semiannual (.52) Quarterly (.275)
Monthly BSP (.089)

Policy fee $60 per year

Partial Return of Premium
The return of premium (ROP) feature is an optional benefit that allows the policy-owner to receive a refund, up to 100 percent of all premiums paid into the policy upon surrender of the policy. The ROP amount will return all available premiums, paid and waived, including all policy fees and all rider premiums.

United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

A Mutual of Omaha Company

Coverage can be added for all unmarried dependent children (age 15 days through 20 years) who are members of the insured’s household and listed in the application. Dependent children born or adopted after issue of this rider are included automatically when they attain the age of 15 days. When the coverage on a child expires, the child may, without evidence of insurability, convert to a form of permanent life insurance, designated by United of Omaha, with a face amount up to five times the dependent child term insurance benefit.

Product base plans, provisions, features and riders may not be available in all states and may vary by state.

Policy Forms:

Full Guarantee

• 15-year level term: B630LNA07P, or state equivalent. In LA, B690LLA07P. In NC, B762LNC07P. In OK, B832LOK07P. In OR, B842LOR07P. In TX, B892LTX07P.

20-year level term: B628LNA07P, or state equivalent. In LA, B688LLA07P. In NC, B760LNC07P. In OK, B830LOK07P. In OR, B840LOR07P. In TX, B890LTX07P.

20-year level term with return of premium: B629LNA07P, or state equivalent. In LA, B689LLA07P. In NC, B761LNC07P. In OK, B831LOK07P. In OR, B841LOR07P. In TX, B891LTX07P.

• 30-year level term: B634LNA07P, or state equivalent. In LA, B694LLA07P. In NC, B766LNC07P. In OK, B836LOK07P. In OR, B846LOR07P. In TX, B896LTX07P.

• 30-year level term with return of premium: B635LNA07P, or state equivalent. In LA, B695LLA07P. In NC, B767LNC07P. In OK, B837LOK07P. In OR, B847LOR07P. In TX, B897LTX07P.

Five-Year Guarantee

• 20-year level term: B626LNA07P, or state equivalent. In LA, B686LLA07P. In NC, B758LNC07P. In OK, B828LOK07P. In OR, B838LOR07P. In TX, B888LTX07P.

• 30-year level term: B632LNA07P, or state equivalent. In LA, B692LLA07P. In NC, B764LNC07P. In OK, B834LOK07P. In OR, B844LOR07P. In TX, B894LTX07P.



Product features included 

(Subject to state approval)

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider
(Form: 2670L-1203, or state equivalent. In OR, 2701L-1203. In TX, 2685L-1203.) This rider provides a lump-sum benefit if the insured provides evidence that his/her life expectancy is 24 months or less. The lump-sum benefit is equal to 92 percent of the death benefit. Once the 92 percent benefit is paid, the policy is terminated. In FL, the life expectancy is 12 months or less and the lump-sum is 94 percent.

Residential Damage Rider
(Form: A735LNA06R, or state equivalent.) If the primary
residence sustains $25,000 or more of damage, this rider allows
the premium for the base policy and all riders to be waived ford. one six-month period.

Waiver of Premium for Unemployment Provision
This has a six-month benefit period, waiving premiums for the base plan and all riders if the insured becomes unemployed. The base plan must be in force for 24 months before unemployment begins. The elimination period is four continuous weeks of unemployment when the insured is receiving state or federal unemployment benefits. Proof of unemployment is required at the time of claim. This is a one-time waiver.

Common Carrier Death Benefit Provision
This provides an additional death benefit equal to 100 percent of the original face amount or $250,000, whichever is less. If the base insured should die in an accident while a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier (e.g., airplane, train, bus) we will pay the beneficiary the additional amount.

Optional Features Available
(Subject to state approval)

Disability Income Rider (Not available on ROP products)
(Form: 2668L-1203, or state equivalent. In NC, 2698L-1203. In OK, 2706L-1206. In TX, 2715L-1203.) With this rider, the insured can apply (at issue) for a maximum monthly disability income benefit equal to the lesser of:

• 1.5 percent of the face amount at issue or

• $3,000 per month or

• 60 percent of your monthly gross income

The insured can apply for either an 18- or 30-month benefit. The monthly income amount and the benefit period cannot be changed after issue. The elimination period is 90 days*.

* In MD 120-day elimination period. Availability may vary by product. LC7361_BW_0710

Policies may be renewed annually to age 100, without evidence of insurability.

Additional Policy Information
• Any premium paid for the period beyond the policy month in which death occurs will be paid to the beneficiary as part of the death benefit. The refund will not include premiums waived under the Disability Waiver of Premium Rider.

• The policy includes a free-look provision. If you are not satisfied with your policy, return it to us or your United of Omaha agent within 30 days of the date the policy is in force. The premium paid will be refunded and your policy will be cancelled.

Policy Exclusions
The policy’s face amount will not be paid if your death results from suicide, while sane or insane, within two years of the date of issue (in CO, MO and ND, within one year). Instead, United of Omaha will pay the sum of premiums paid since issue. In MO, benefits will be paid for all causes of death unless evidence shows that suicide was intended at the time of purchase.

Policy Forms:

Disability Waiver of Premium Rider

(Form: 2669L-1203, or state equivalent. In NC, 2697L-1203. In OK, 2707L-1203.) If the insured becomes disabled and is unable to work, the premium for the base policy and all riders is waived through the level period. The elimination period is 90 days**. This benefit continues as long as the insured is disabled. If the insured does not become disabled prior to the earlier of the end of the level period or age 60, the benefit is no longer available. **In MD 120-day elimination period.

Accidental Death Benefit Rider

(Form: 2143L-0989, or state equivalent.) This rider can only be added at issue and the issue age of the base insured must be 18-55. The rider terminates and the premiums stop at the earlier of the end of the level period or the anniversary date of the policy following the insured attaining age 65. The benefit amounts available are based on the issue age of the base insured and are as follows:

• Minimum ADB amount: $10,000

• Maximum ADB amount: issue ages 18-25: $100,000; 26-55: $250,000 (or the face amount, if less)

Dependent Children’s Rider

The rider can only be added at issue, and is available for the base policy-owner only. The issue age of the base insured must be 18-55.  The rider terminates and the premium stops at the earlier of the anniversary date following the Insured’s age 65 or the youngest child attains age 23. The Children’s Rider covers all unmarried dependent children (age 15 days through 23 years (i.e., cannot be added after 20 years of age)) who are members of the Insured’s household and listed in the application.  Children born or adopted after issue of this rider are included
automatically when they attain the age of 15 days.  When the coverage on a child expires, the child may, without evidence of insurability, convert to any form of permanent insurance up to $5,000 for every $1,000 of term coverage.  The annual premium for the Children’s Rider is $7.20 for every $1,000 of insurance. This rider is available in amounts of $5,000 and $10,000.


Underwritten by:  United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

A Mutual of Omaha Company-  Mutual of Omaha Plaza, Omaha, NE 68175

Note: If the Proposed Insured answers “Yes” to questions 1 through 7 in this section, that person is not eligible for coverage under this application.

1. Has the Proposed Insured "ever" been diagnosed by a member of the medical profession or been tested positive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS virus) or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)?

2. Has the Proposed Insured "ever"
(a) received care or treatment for, or (b) been advised by a member of the medical profession to seek treatment for, or (c) consulted with a health care provider regarding:

(a) Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Angioplasty, Stent Placement, Heart Murmur/Valvular Heart Disease or Replacement, Cardiomyopathy, Congenital Heart Disease, Stroke/mini-stroke, abnormal heart rhythm, or Cerebral or Symptomatic Aneurysm?

(b) Chronic Lung Disease (except mild Asthma), Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Sarcoidosis or Cystic Fibrosis?

(c) Bipolar Depression, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Demyelinating Disease including Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease, Hydrocephalus, Quadriplegia, Paraplegia, Down’s Syndrome, Autism, or any other disease of the central nervous system?

(d) Chronic Kidney Disease, end-stage Renal Disease with dialysis, or Liver Disease including Cirrhosis, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C ?

(e) Diabetes with onset before age 50 or with vascular or renal complications?

(f) Cancer, Leukemia, Melanoma or any other internal cancer (except basal cell or squamous cellskin cancer)?

(g) Systemic Lupus or Scleroderma?

(h) an organ transplant?

3. In the past "12 months", has the Proposed Insured:

(a) required the assistance of another person or a device of any kind for bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, getting in and out of a chair or bed, or the management of bowel or bladder problems? 

(b) received, or been advised to have, any of the following types of care: nursing home, assisted living facility, adult day care facility, home health care services, or physical, occupational, speech therapy, or is the Proposed Insured currently confined to any hospital or other medical facility? 

(c) used any of the following: walker, wheelchair, electric scooter, oxygen, or catheter? 

(d) applied for, received, or is the Proposed Insured currently receiving, disability, hospital, or medical benefits from any insurance company, government, employer, or other source other than for maternity, fractures, spinal or back disorders?

4. In the past '12 months", has the Proposed Insured:

(a) been advised by a member of the medical profession to have a surgical operation, diagnostic testing other than for routine screening purposes, treatment, or other procedure which has not been done? 

(b) consulted a member of the medical profession for chronic cough, unexplained weight loss, fatigue or unexplained gastrointestinal bleeding?

5. In the next "2 years", will the Proposed Insured engage in any motor sports racing, boat racing, parachuting/skydiving, hang gliding, base jumping, rock or mountain climbing?

6. In the past "10 years", has the Proposed Insured:

(a) used alcohol to a degree that required treatment or been advised to limit or discontinue its use bya member of the medical profession?

(b) used unlawful drugs in any form (including cocaine, methamphetamines and hallucinogens) or used prescription drugs other than as prescribed (including sedatives, tranquilizers, or narcotics) in any form?

(c) been convicted of or incarcerated for a felony?

(d) been hospitalized for high blood pressure or any mental or nervous disorder?

7. In the past "5 years" has the Proposed Insured been convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, been convicted of reckless driving, or had four or more moving violations?

Your First Case:

Applications and online signatures require login information which Mutual Of Omaha will supply after your first application taken by conventional means.  The exceptions are the pre-appointment states of MT & PA.  Please complete the appointment forms and submit as soon as possible.

So... Let's get your first case quote by clicking here >>

Complete the form and when you get to the "Desired Term" section choose "Simplified Issue"

Continue to complete the form and when you get to the "Carrier/Product" section click on "Customize Carriers & Products".

On the Carrier/Products screen scroll down and choose "United of Omaha - Term Life Express" and the click "add" and then "done" on that screen.


Complete the rest of the quote form as needed and click on "View All Quotes".

Quote Screen Appears

Notice that the "Blue Underlined Text" takes you to additional information.
To obtain a state specific application for Term Life Express click on the "paper forms" button on the quote screen page.



Your first case state specific "Term Life Express" application forms screen appears.
All that is in yellow is what is need and will print by clicking the print button on the right of the screen.

Checklist for Submitting a Complete Application

One base policy per application

■ Write in the product name and the amount of insurance applied for.

■ If applying for any rider offering Disability Benefits, complete the supplemental application

■ If applying for the Children's Rider Application - complete the supplemental application

■ Complete Monthly Bank Withdrawal form if applicable

■ Attach cover letter or additional information, as needed

■ All changes should be initialed by the Applicant/Owner

■ Always submit the Producer Statement and always provide client with MIB Inc Pre-Notice, Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure Statement, Notice of Information Practices, Investigative Consumer Reports Notice, Summary of Rights, and Life Insurance Buyer's Guide

■ Always obtain signed MIB and HIPAA authorizations

■ If face amount is over $250,000 – you will need a signed HIV consent form if your state requires this form. If your state does not require the HIV Consent form then this form will not be included in this application package.

■ Submit a signed Accelerated Benefit Disclosure Form.

■ Complete Conditional Receipt form. if a check for the initial premium was not collected at the time of application do not complete the form.

Get appointed

Complete a Mutual Of Omaha appointment forms here >>

New Business and Contracting Transmittals

E-Mail completed scanned forms to

Or Fax completes forms to 843-769-9804

Or Mail completed forms to -

  Insurance Brokerage America

  National Marketing

  P.O. Box 30248
  Charleston, SC 29417

Note:  ALL Producer Contracts MUST be submitted by the highest-level GA.  
DO NOT send directly to the home office without GA signature!

After Your First Application

Mutual Of Omaha Website Enrollment

Agents have to get appointed first before they can quote rates from the Mutual Of Omaha website....

Agents have to get appointed first before they can access website for forms.

HIV consent forms are available on the website w/ each application.  HIV consent form is part of each application. 

Pre-appointment states are MT & PA.

This being said, when you receive your producer number you will be able to directly submit your "Term Life Express" applications through the unique iGO application process below!

ISSUE What is an online iGO application?
      HOW TO:
Login and obtain the iGO electronic applications
  Add a new client
  Completing the term life answers to the iGO App

Obtain the proper TERM LIFE EXPRESS iGO application

  Obtain the proper TERM LIFE COMPLETE iGO application
Simplified Signature Obtain an iGO Client Signature

Underwritten by:

United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

A Mutual of Omaha Company

Mutual of Omaha Plaza

Omaha, NE 68175

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